First on EWN: UK visa applications stolen in Jhb hijacking

EWN is in possession of an email sent to several people explaining that their documents have gone missing.


JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News has learnt that scores of UK visa applications containing documents, including passports and marriage certificates, have been stolen after a hijacking incident in Johannesburg.

Several South Africans applying for visas to the UK, either for business, pleasure or permanent relocation, have been left feeling vulnerable after their personal documents were taken.

It's understood the British High Commission arranged to have these documents couriered by an outside company, and earlier this week the van was hijacked.

Eyewitness News is in possession of an email sent to several South Africans who had applied for a UK visa, explaining that all their documents have gone missing.

A Johannesburg man, who is one of the people affected, says he is deeply concerned.

"All the supporting documentation with the actual passports is actually gone; banking details, home addresses, marriage certificates. I cannot understand how the visa centre could actually entrust our documents into a commercial courier company."

The British High Commission has confirmed that a hijacking incident did take place but will provide more details later today.

Those affected have been assisted in terms of applying for new passports and other documents.