#NameZillesMemoir: Twitterati reacts to Zille memoir

Social media users have come up with possible titles for Helen Zille’s upcoming memoir.

Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille. Picture: Stephen Phillipson/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Penguin Books announced on Tuesday morning that it would be publishing former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille's memoir.

It's reported the 64-year-old signed the book deal with Penguin Random House South Africa late last week.

The memoir will be a candid account of her life, both political and personal.

Zille was elected to lead the DA in 2007. She stepped down earlier this year.

She's currently the premier of the Western Cape.

Soon after the announcement, Twitterati came up with possible titles for the memoir.

#NameZillesMemoir 'I broil what I like' pic.twitter.com/BDjGMJs7S1

Code Name Phumzille #NameZillesMemoir

So You Think You Can Toy-Toy #NameZillesMemoir pic.twitter.com/tGR4s6Qenv

I believe I'm an African and none dare challenge me when I say it...


#NameZillesMemoir Struggling With My Credentials

Mmusi Better Have Maimane. #NameZillesMemoir pic.twitter.com/6mCbHdjinE

The Bodyguard

#NameZillesMemoir pic.twitter.com/ZvTuWR7HwP

Dancing with i-Enemy #NameZillesMemoir pic.twitter.com/XTXd9Z2wdN

To Kiss a Mocking Bird #NameZillesMemoir pic.twitter.com/BnkdwvRxh0

#Namezillesmemoir Harvard scholarship administrator

Zille took it on the chin.