Transport dept: We’ve disclosed all proposed e-toll regulations

The JPSA claims some of the proposals have not been properly published for public comment.

FILE: The department says government is not hiding anything. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Transport Department has strongly denied claims that it hasn't made public all of its proposed new regulations that could see people having to pay their e-toll bills before renewing car licence discs.

The Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) claims that some of the proposals have not been properly published for public comment.

The organisation's Howard Dembovsky said, "It would appear that the Department of Transport has either snuck something through or this doesn't exist. Either of those two situations are untenable."

But the department's Tiyani Rikhotso says government is not hiding anything.

"It cannot be correct that there is something the department is trying to push through without allowing members of the public, the very same people who are affected by whatever amendments, without giving them the opportunity to add their views because by law we are required to.

Earlier this month, the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) said consumers could end up paying more for transported goods if freight companies are paying more for e-tolls in off peak times.

Eyewitness News had revealed that new, revised e-tolls tariffs have resulted in law abiding motorists and companies paying more per month rather than less.

The first wave of the new dispensation of e-toll tariffs in Gauteng came into effect at the beginning of July.

Freight transporting companies who move goods in off-peak times are likely to be hardest hit by the problems with the time of day discount.

Those who were benefiting from the discount are now actually paying more because of a revised standard tariff.