Obama confident Africa is 'marching towards justice and equality'

Concluding his two-nation visit to Africa, Obama pledged US support for the continent.

FILE: US President Barack Obama (R) with President Uhuru Kenyatta, in Kenya where his two-nation began. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - President Barack Obama was given a standing ovation at the African Union in Addis Ababa today where he announced a raft of new projects the United States (US) would embark on in the continent of his father's birth.

As the first US leader to address the continental body he ended his two-nation safari with the same spirit of candour and optimism that he started it with in Kenya last week.

Obama says he's confident Africa is marching towards justice and equality.

"It's not a straight line", he says in the giant Chinese-built hall at the African Union (AU) headquarters, and sometimes it falters; but America is with them.

"As your build the Africa you believe in you will have no better partner, no better friend, than the United States of America. God bless Africa", said the Statesman.

Obama says Africa must attain justice, respect and human rights in the same way as colonialism was beaten with more than rifles, Americans won their civil rights and South African both black and white triumphed over apartheid.