Edgars apologises for sale bungle

A customer discovered that an item on sale seemed to cost more than the original price.

Angry customers have complained about a rip-off sale on popular items at the retail store. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - A group of angry customers on Facebook have accused Edgars of conducting rip-off sales on most their popular merchandise.

One woman says she was reprimanded by the store's security guard when she checked the original price of a jacket.

Her post was followed by 800 comments from customers who claim that they have experienced the same problem.

The retailer has apologised for the misunderstanding and says the jacket was incorrectly set as R1,999.95 in its pricing system, instead of the intended price of R1,099.95.

"Our pricing system is centrally managed and is able to relay pricing changes in real time. However, due to a system error this Navy Stone Harbour jacket was incorrectly set as R1,999.95 in the system instead of the intended price of R1,099.95. Currently this jacket is on markdown at R799.95."

An Edgars representative says this particular matter has been dealt with by the head office.

"We thank our customers for addressing such issues and we remain committed to improving their shopping experience. As we have done in the past, we will always endeavour to correct any unforeseen system or human errors."