Presidential hopeful Trump rivals Clinton in speech fees

The controversial businessman earns an average $250,000 per speech.

FILE: Donald Trump. Picture: AFP.

NEW YORK - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may not have as much political experience as Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, but he does rival her in one area: the amount he charges for a speech.

The flamboyant real estate magnate earned on average $250,000 per speech in the past year, according to his personal financial statement released on Wednesday by the Federal Electoral Commission.

That number is on a par with Clinton, who charged an average of $235,000 per address, according to her own FEC financial statement filed several weeks ago.

But the former first lady made many more speeches than Trump and raked in almost $12 million from 51 speeches in a year. The figure does not include speaking fees that went directly to her family's Clinton Foundation charity.

Trump's public speaking engagements earned him a total of $1.75 million and he charges anywhere between $50,000 and $450,000 per talk.

The TV show host received $450,000 each for three speeches to a multi-level marketing company called ACN, according to his filing.

That pales in comparison to speeches he made at real estate seminars in 2006 and 2007 that netted $1.5 million each, which Forbes reported at the time was the highest speaking fee ever.

Trump has caused controversy with comments about Mexican immigrants and Senator John McCain's war record as he campaigns for the November 2016 presidential election.

His FEC document shows he has stakes in more than 500 enterprises from New York to China to Qatar.

He said last week his net worth stands at more than $10 billion but Forbes magazine, which closely tracks his finances, says Trump has hugely exaggerated the number, putting it at $4 billion.

Clinton has been criticised for giving lucrative speeches to major companies after she resigned as secretary of state in 2013.