Trevor Noah features in US issue of GQ

In an interview with the magazine, Noah reveals some intimate details on his journey as a comic.

FILE: South African comedian Trevor Noah. Picture: Byron L Keulemans/GQ South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG - South African comedian Trevor Noah has been featured in the August edition of _GQ _in the US.

In a profile with the magazine, Noah reveals intimate details on his journey as a comic and the day his mother was shot.

The comedian also poses in a series of fun-styled looks by luxury fashion brands.

Practice makes perfect. @TrevorNoah gearing up for "The Daily Show" this fall. See more photos in the August issue of GQ. (Photo by @peggysirota)

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Noah, who will make his hosting debut on The Daily Show on 28 September, has told GQ about the two years he spent breaking into the American market and says it was a lonely time.

"You're people-sick. You're human-being-sick. You just want someone in your life. You want a friend. You want to know you exist."

While everyone waits in anticipation, Noah says viewers can expect only a slight 'facelift' to the show.

"I'm a big fan of The Daily Show, and that's what it's still gonna be. It's still gonna be The Daily Show. It's the same way, when Fallon took over from Leno, it's still The Tonight Show."