Court to hear closing arguments in Krejcir kidnapping case

The Czech fugitive & several accomplices allegedly kidnapped the brother of a man who disappeared with drugs.

FILE: Czech national Radovan Krejcir along with five others appear in the Palm Ridge Magistrate. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The South Gauteng High Court is this week hearing closing argument in Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir's attempted murder and kidnapping case.

Krejcir was arrested in November 2013.

The charges stem from an apparent R24 million drug deal gone wrong.

The trial is one of many separate cases Krejcir is currently facing.

Closing argument has been set down for four days in the South Gauteng High Court but Krejcir's advocate has already indicated that she wants the case to be reopened for new evidence to be submitted.

Krejcir and his associate, Sandton businessman Desai Luphondo, are charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and torture.

Several members of the East Rand Organised Crime Unit were charged along with them.

The men allegedly kidnapped the brother of a man who disappeared with 25 kilograms of Crystal Meth.

Krejcir and Luphondo have claimed that police assaulted them after their arrest using tasers.

Judge Colin Lamont has also criticised the investigating officer for perjuring himself before the court.