'Ashley Madison website ripped my family apart'

A group of women have reacted after finding out their partners are registered with the site.

FILE: A screengrab of the AshleyMadison website.

JOHANNESBURG - While some South Africans say the Ashley Madison cheating website has damaged families, others say it's literally made the earth move for them.

Yesterday it emerged hackers had managed to break into the website's secure server and are now threatening to reveal who's been cheating with whom.

Some people are worried their nude pictures and sexual fantasies could be made public, but others say judgement day has simply arrived early.

One married woman says, "It's all the fun without the commitment or relationship, so it's convenient that it's no strings attached."

Another woman says the website came as a shock.

"I find it quite shocking because it's things like this that destroys families. This whole thing has ripped my family apart."

Over 175,000 South African cheating spouses currently have their data compromised.