Operation Fiela hits Nyanga, 600 searched

Police arrested 6 people, searched 5 dozen cars and 200 houses.

FILE: Police said more than 600 people and nearly 200 homes were searched. Picture: Thomas Holders/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police have arrested six people as part of Operation Fiela in Nyanga this morning.

Over 600 people and nearly 200 homes were searched.

In addition, more than 5 dozen vehicles were searched and admission of guilt fines issued to the value of more than R70,000.

The police's Andre Traut said, "An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol was also issued during these road blocks. One female was arrested for selling liquor without a licence.

"Two male suspects operating a breakdown vehicle were arrested for being in possession of Metro police and EMS hand ridges."


Ealier this week, the Summer Greens ward councillor said there is a definite need for an increase in policing in the suburb.

Polices conducted raids in the area on Thursday as part of Operation Fiela.

The controversial joint operation has been the most successful operation in the seizing of criminal elements from known hotspots.

During the blitz, three men were apprehended after police found tik worth an estimated R275,000 in their home.

A 45-year-old man was also detained for being in the possession of cocaine.

Summer Greens ward councillor Joy McCarthy said, "Operation Fiela was solely needed, there's overcrowding of rental stock, drug-dealing, drug-taking, a plethora of house shops which have been approved under sort of false pretences.

"They're not really house shops, there are drug-dealings happening in these shops and as a result, Summer Greens has become a target."

Traut said several other arrests were made.

"With the assistance from the department of Home Affairs, 34 undocumented persons were also arrested. Once charged, the suspects will make a court appearance in Cape Town."

Thousands of people have been arrested as part of the anti-crime blitz across the country in recent months.