Starbucks coming to SA sparks split reaction

South Africans are divided over news that Starbucks will open its first coffee shop in the country in 2016.

Starbucks coffee. Picture: Twitter @Starbucks.

CAPE TOWN - Coffee is a big part of most people's lives. Some cannot start their day without their dose of caffeine.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Starbucks Coffee Company was finally coming to South Africa after significant growth in coffee consumption in the country over the ast five years.

LISTEN: Taste Holdings CEO Carlo Gonzaga talks about Starbucks coming to South Africa.

It will be their first store in Sub-Saharan Africa and will open in 2016.

Following the announcement, many people took to social media to share their views on the matter.

Am I the only person not excited by #Starbucks coming to SA?

I think we have fantastic coffee brewed on this continent


When Starbucks had to close a lot of their Australian stores, the local media celebrated it as a point of national pride.

South Africans who are excited about Starbucks have clearly never had Starbucks.

SA has great coffee outlets and amazing coffee. Starbucks will have to compete with the local market & vice versa. Competition is good.

Why is it great news that Starbucks is coming to South Africa? #Starbucks

Eish, some South Africans are going to be embarrassing us again by queuing outside Starbucks as they did with Burger King. SMH!

Oh dear, where is the SACP when you need them? Can't they stop this madness of opening Starbucks cafes in SA?

We need to start a strict policy of retaliation each time the US sends a new chain here. We get Starbucks? They get King Pie.

#Starbucks is finally coming to South Africa? These rumours had better pay off in 2016. In telling you… My excitement… So much of yaaaaaas!

Yay! Have missed my Tall Skinny Chai Tea Lattes! @starbucks we cant wait for you to come to Cape Town!

So Starbucks is coming to South Africa. Yay! waits for everyone to post a picture of their misspelt names written on their cup bleh 😒

The first outlet is expected to be opened in Gauteng.

Several American companies including Pizza Hut, Burger King and Domino's have opened shop in South Africa in recent years.