The Minion isn't swearing. Sincerely, McDonald's

Customers said they heard a swear word when they activated a Happy Meal toy.

Generic: Macdonals Drive Thru. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

DETROIT - McDonald's Corp is standing by its latest Happy Meal toy, denying that its Minions are the foul-mouthed playthings that some of its fast-food customers say they are.

In videos posted online, some customers said they heard a curse when, by tapping one of the tiny plastic caveman characters against a hard surface, they activated its voice. Some commenters wrote they heard the words: "What the f*#k."

"To me, it sure doesn't sound like anything a kid should be hearing," one commenter said on a YouTube video post.

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In a statement, McDonald's denied the toy used bad language, and a company spokeswoman said there was no plan to pull the toy from distribution.

"We're aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we regret any confusion or offense to those who may have misinterpreted its sounds", McDonald's said in the statement. "The allegation that this toy is saying anything offensive or profane is not true."

McDonald's said the Minion Caveman toy emits three sounds - "para la bukay", "hahaha" and "eh eh."

Minions which opened in the United States on Friday, was made by Universal Pictures, which is owned by Comcast Corp, and Illumination Entertainment. A spokeswoman for Universal declined comment, referring questions to McDonald's.