Ses’khona leader Andile Lili fears for his life

The Ses’khona joint leader has had three attempt on his life and says he’s feeling 'spooked'.

FILE: Ses'khona Peoples Rights Movement's Andile Lili outside the Western Cape High court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Controversial Cape Town activist Andile Lili says he's written to the provincial police commissioner following a third attempt on his life.

He's the joint leader of Ses'khona People's Rights Movement, which has been responsible for many disruptive service delivery protests in the Mother City.

Lili was hospitalised at the end of last year after he was shot four times.

He explains the most recent incident has left him feeling spooked.

The Ses'khona joint leader explains while he wasn't shot at last month, neighbours told him they spotted a vehicle transporting masked men outside his house in Khayelitsha.

The car was apparently the same as the one involved in the November 2014 shootings.

"And when the five men arrived, with someone with a balaclava in his face, my car was not there."

Lili says he's reported the matter to police as eyewitnesses jotted down the vehicle's registration number.

He was first shot at and wounded while at home in 2009

Police have confirmed they're investigating the most recent incident.