Zuma foundation silent over Formula E team sponsorship

The foundation is yet to explain its relationship with the Chinese businessman who owns the team.

FILE. Questions have emerged over President Jacob Zuma’s foundation’s sponsorship of the China Formula E racing team which is owned by a Chinese businessman with links to South Africa. Picture: Supplied.

PRETORIA - The Jacob G Zuma Foundation is yet to explain its relationship with a Chinese businessman who's racing team it has been associated with since the beginning of this year.

Eyewitness News on Tuesday reported that the foundation's logo and branding is on the Team China Formula E racing car and in its garage during races.

This motorsport class started last year and hosts race around the world, but not in South Africa.

Chinese businessman Yu Liu started the racing team in 2004 when South African diamond entrepreneur Tony Teixeira launched the A1 Grand Prix (A1GP) series.

Teixeira made his fortune through mining operations in Africa and was director of Energem, which had offices based in Johannesburg.

In 2005, Liu was appointed as managing director of Energem's Chinese operations based in Beijing until the company went bankrupt in 2011.

The foundation and the Presidency have not responded to questions.