KZN couple takes in over 140 refugees

It’s understood the couple in Cato Manor has taken in the refugees who were arrested in Chatsworth.

FILE: Thousands of foreign nationals have been housed at Greenwood Park refugee camp following violent attacks on their shops in Durban. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - It's being reported this morning that a group of around 140 refugees arrested in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday have not only been released, but have been taken in by a South African couple who live on a 20 hectare farm.

On Friday, police cleared a temporary refugee camp in Chatsworth taking all the remaining adults into custody and moving their children to a place of safety.

Those living in the temporary camp in Chatsworth were displaced by the xenophobic violence earlier this year.

News24 is today reporting that a couple from Cato Manor was so affected by what transpired and opened their home to the refugees.

On Friday, police issued a statement that claimed the refugees who refused to leave the sports ground posed a threat to national peace and stability.

The statement spoke about a swift intelligence driven operation to remove them.

But now it's emerged that all those arrested have been released and will not be prosecuted, while children have been reunited with their parents.

WATCH: The story of nine-year-old Dolly Makwakwa is the fifth and final video testimony released by MSF, featuring refugees and migrants displaced by the wave of xenophobic violence in April 2015.

The couple that has opened their farm to the refugees have 10 children of their own and have also apologised for the way the asylum seekers were treated.

Some had survived the 2008 xenophobic violence and then the flare-up this year.

Local and international aid agencies will now be trying to figure out a permanent solution.