Wrongful arrest: 11 agonising years behind bars

Thembekile Molaudzi was wrongfully accused of murdering of a Mothutlung policeman in 2002.

FILE. Thembekile Molaudzi was wrongfully arrested in 2002 and served 11 years of a life sentence. Picture: SAPS

JOHANNESBURG - A former Pretoria taxi driver who was wrongfully arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment on Monday said his faith kept him going throughout the ordeal.

Thembekile Molaudzi was implicated by a co-accused in the murder case of a Mothutlung policeman in 2002.

Last month, the Constitutional Court reversed its own ruling and ordered Molaudzi's immediate release from the Kgosi Mampuru Prison where he spent more than a decade.

Molaudzi said although his 11 year ordeal behind bars was agonising, he kept his faith throughout.

He has encouraged others in a similar position to do the same.

"Patience, perseverance, endurance and just keep on trusting God. Everything is by the will of God."

The Wits Justice Project (WJP), which helped Molaudzi acquire his freedom, has raised concern about the number of people who are wrongfully incarcerated in South Africa.