Zille: Plans in motion to tackle Uber-Cape Town saga

The city has started compiling a by-law to create a legal framework for the e-hailing industry.

FILE: Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Plans are in motion to create a legal framework for Uber and similar internet-based cab-hailing services in Cape Town.

In the meantime, the provincial regulating entity will consider operating licence applications for Uber drivers on Thursday.

The company launched an online petition last week in an attempt to pressure provincial officials to fast-track the issuing of licences after 200 cars belonging to its drivers were impounded.

Premier Helen Zille has weighed in on the Uber row in Cape Town.

"There are major challenges around a new player in a over-traded market that takes a lot of customers."

Zille says the City of Cape Town has started the process of compiling a by-law to create a legal framework for the e-hailing industry.

"So in a not-so-distant future I hope we'll be in a situation where there will be a legal framework for hailing services to be regulated and to be safe for commuters."

At the same time, she says national government is to amend the National Land Transport Act, to make e-hailing taxis a sub-category of metered taxis.

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The Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) meets next Thurs. If City supports Uber_RSA 's applications, licences will be issued.

All public transport operators need a licence, in the interests of public safety. PRE considering 300 applications of which 143 are@Uber_CT

Re Ueber in Western Cape: I have asked the Dept of Transport and Public Works for a full background briefing on this issue. Will respond.

@muaaz0 @Uber_RSA under the assumption that Uber taxis are in fact registered and paying taxes and not dodging the law.

Support Uber partners get their vehicle operating permits in CT! Sign the petition: http://t.co/FCHXIpIXn6 #CTNeedsUber @uber_CT

So ANC-controlled Joburg gives @uber a far easier regulatory road than "liberal" Cape Town? http://t.co/9V6ptuhdwa pic.twitter.com/RfPUR7pP2Y

Uber provides us with safe & reliable rides! Sign the Uber Cape Town petition now: http://t.co/t3Jg6NfTXU #CTNeedsUber

. @uber_ct is doing it wrong. They must block the highway. March with spears. Beat up bystanders. That's how taxi bosses make their point.