British authorities mum on stowaways’ identities

London’s Metropolitan Police remain tight-lipped over exactly who the two men are.

The London building where the stowaway's body was found after falling from an aircraft. Screen print: CNN.

LONDON - British police continue to withhold details on the identities of two men who are suspected of stowing away on a London-bound flight from Johannesburg last month.

One of the men survived the 11-hour journey despite being thought to have endured temperatures of minus 50 degrees as he hid above the landing gear.

A second stowaway fell from the flight as it made its final approach to London's Heathrow Airport.

More than two weeks after the stowaways' ordeal dominated international headlines, London's Metropolitan Police are remaining tight-lipped over exactly who the two men are.

They confirmed to EWN that one of the stowaways remains in a west London hospital, where his condition continues to be described as 'critical but stable'.

However, no details are being released on his identity or nationality, with nearby hospital officials proving equally secretive.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that a post-mortem on the second stowaway has revealed he died of what is being described as 'multiple injuries'.

His body was found on a roof top in south-west London, directly under the flight path of the Heathrow-bound aircraft.