Economists welcome ANC's policy shifts

The tripartite alliance is concerned people have become less resourceful.

Picture: GCIS

JOHANNESBURG - Economists and political analysts say a comment in a declaration by the tripartite alliance that people have become less resourceful because of the message 'the state will provide' could be the start of real policy changes.

On Wednesday night, the ANC-led alliance released a declaration that also said communities must be taught that with rights comes responsibilities.

Many economists have warned that government could soon run out of money because of what it spends on social grants and civil service salaries.

Political analyst Nic Borain says this comment shows the ANC is coming face to face with the fact South Africa needs more money.

"The levels of expectations are unrealistic. You disempower people if you constantly give them the message, know it's your right and government will deliver it."

Econometrix economist Azar Jammine says this is a good move by the ANC.

"Because it's this kind of change of attitude and the direction that the alliance is now calling for that will start rectifying the structural weaknesses of the economy."

The South African Communist Party (SACP) says this comment is a call to South Africans to stand up and develop themselves.