Tunisia attack: British tourists to be evacuated

The British government says it expects the number of casualties to rise.

A member of the Tunisian security forces patrols the beach of the Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel on the outskirts of Sousse south of the capital Tunis on 27 June 2015 in the aftermath of a shooting attack on the beach resort claimed by the Islamic State group. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Two travel agencies have sent planes to Tunisia to evacuate British tourists after yesterday's bloody terrorist attack.

A gunman went on the rampage at a beach near a popular tourist resort in Sousse killing more than 30 people. At least five of the dead are Britons.

The British government says it expects the number of casualties to rise.

Tour operators, Thomson and First Choice, say several of the people killed and injured were their customers.

Islamic State (Isis) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Security expert Sajjan Gohel said, "Look at the whole host of lone wolf plots that had taken place in the last twelve months, whether it was the attack at the Ottawa Parliament in Canada last year and then the one carried out in France; all of these individuals operating independently but motivated by ideology that Isis articulates, in fact they issue a message to their followers that if you can't join them in Iraq and Syria, then to carry out attacks where they are."

Tunisia is reportedly planning to shut dozens of mosques that remain outside state control on the grounds they may incite violence.

In a separate terrorist attack, also by Isis in Kuwait, more than 30 people were killed in a bombing at a mosque.

The country's observing a day of mourning.