Montecasino murder couple found guilty

JP Malan was found guilty of murder and Maruschka Robinson guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

FILE: Maruschka Robinson and Jean-Pierre Malan. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A couple accused of murdering and robbing a man before dumping his body in the boot of a car at Montecasino have been found guilty in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on a number of charges.

Jean-Pierre Malan was found guilty of killing Dunstan Blom, while former stripper Maruschka Robinson was found guilty of accessory after the fact.

Both were found guilty of robbery and fraud.

Robinson and Malan sat in the dock, about a metre apart as Judge Delize Smith handed down his judgment.

The judge said the couple worked together to drug Blom and draw money from his bank account while he was knocked out.

She also said that Malan had the direct intention to kill.

The case has been postponed to 18 August for arguments and sentencing.


During the trial in March, dramatic details emerged in court about Blom's killing.

The Randburg Magistrates Court heard that Robinson confessed to Blom's murder.

He was first strangled in his home, before his body was dumped in a parking lot at the northern Johannesburg casino.

The state said it could prove the murder was premeditated.

Prosecutors had put together a powerful case against Robinson and Malan from cellphone recordings of conversations to post-mortem results and CCTV footage.

Prosecutor Yusuf Baba said CCTV footage the state obtained from Montecasino showed the pair's movements on the night Blom was killed.

He told the court forensic evidence proved Blom was killed in his home.

His body was in the boot of his car for two days.

Robinson and Malan were arrested days later.