Nkandla visit is 'important' for ad-hoc MPs

A trip to Nkandla is on the cards for MPs considering Minister Nathi Nhleko’s report.

FILE: A view of the Nkandla homestead of President Jacob Zuma in January 2014. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - A trip to Nkandla is on the cards for Members of Parliament (MPs) considering Police Minister Nathi Nhleko's report in Parliament.

The latest ad-hoc committee on Nkandla plans to visit President Jacob Zuma's private home next month so that MPs can see for themselves the work being done there.

It's also been agreed that Nhleko will brief the committee on his report on 21 July.

The committee agreed to its draft programme on Tuesday.

Chairperson, ANC MP Cedric Frolick said it's an important visit for the committee.

"We will be in a better position to make further recommendations. It would have been flawed I think, if we'd just sat here in Parliament and looked at all the slide shows and then come to a determination."

In a submission to the committee, the Democratic Alliance (DA)'s James Selfe said Nhleko's report should be rejected.

He said the president cannot substitute the Public Protector's remedial action with another report by a member of his executive, as this is unlawful.

Selfe also said the report is deeply flawed.

Meanwhile, it's emerged that the police minister's report cost taxpayers R26,000 to produce.

Nhleko revealed this in a written reply to a DA Parliamentary question

He said R26,000 was paid to the architectural and cultural experts consulted for the report, which found Zuma not liable to pay anything towards the upgrades because all the features, including the cattle kraal and swimming pool, were for his security.

The committee's visit is set down for 22 July.