No love from SA as MTN-Qhubeka set to ride Tour de France

MTN-Qhubeka is set to be the very first African cycling team to take part in the Tour de France.

Team MTN-Qhubeka. Picture: MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung/Stiehl Photography.

JOHANNESBURG - Speaking to EWN Sport , Team MTN-Qhubeka's principal Doug Ryder said he is disheartened by the lack of recognition for his teams' achievements, especially from the Sports Ministry.

MTN-Qhubeka is set to be the very first African cycling team to take part in the Tour de France, which gets underway from 4 July this year.

Ryder said this is too big an achievement for it to have gone unnoticed, given the amount of time, efforts and investments that go into [putting this work together.

"It's strange actually where we seem to only recognise exceptional performances but we don't recognise the efforts and time and investments it takes to get there."

Ryder said it's disappointing that the team has received no support and it saddens him that nothing of great recognition has been done.

Ryder said he doesn't understand why government is not acknowledging MTN-Qhubeka's success.

"I wish that we could have that cohesive collective discussions and these guys will get behind us and support us. And the fact that we're going to the Tour de France and they haven't acknowledged our existence from the sporting ranks specifically, for me it's kind of saddening and I wonder why it's happening."

Ryder said they have made countless pleas for support which have gone unanswered.

"There is no lack of trying on our part, we've tried and it's just like Miss World might more important to something else which is important but from the sporting point of view this is something that you make history once.

"You don't do it every year and this a historic moment for world cycling but it's not big enough and which for me it's very sad."