Clarkson claims 'Top Gear' wanted him back

Jeremy Clarkson claims a top BBC boss asked him to return to the show he was dropped from.

FILE: Jeremy Clarkson. Picture: AFP.

LONDON - Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson on Friday claimed he was offered his old job back just last week.

His revelations came just a couple of days after the BBC revealed a new presenting line-up for the internationally popular motor show and, if true, would ask some awkward questions of the show's bosses.

Clarkson (55) reportedly claimed a top BBC boss asked him to return to the show he was dropped from after he punched a producer at a hotel in March.

Reports suggest Clarkson refused the offer because he was still angry that in the aftermath of the attack on his colleague, an unnamed senior BBC executive compared him to Jimmy Savile, a former TV and radio presenter who was unmasked as a prolific paedophile after his death.

He also said that if he had returned, he wouldn't have been allowed to run the show without outside interference.

In response the BBC simply said Clarkson had not been offered a contract on Top Gear.

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Is this not just Jeremy Clarkson throwing his toys out the pram because the BBC have happily moved on?

@JeremyClarkson congrats on the #TopGear job lol

All this Top Gear chat - it isn't Top Gear without @JeremyClarkson. End of discussion.

Jeremy Clarkson Refused 'Top Gear' Return over Savile Comparisons