Curro Roodeplaat School in hot water after 'racist video' emerges

The school was previously found guilty by the GDE of racially segregating pupils in classrooms.

The school was previously found guilty by the GDE of racially segregating pupils in classrooms.

JOHANNESBURG - The Curro School in Roodeplaat has been hit by a fresh scandal - this time with a viral video which some believe shows children on a field trip being divided into groups based on the colour of their skin.

This comes after a series of Eyewitness News stories about racial segregation in the classrooms of the same school which led to an investigation by the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE).

That investigation not only found racism at the Pretoria-based school, but also prompted MEC Panyaza Lesufi to review its operating licence.

The new video shows teachers helping young children climb off a bus after arriving at a safari outing at the beginning of this month.

The person who posted it on social media site, Facebook, said it was shot by a proud father, who's pride soon turned to outrage.

The video then shows how white children are led two by two in one direction, while black children seem to be led in another direction.

WATCH: The viral video which has landed Curro School in hot water:

The school has now issued a statement denying this and called it a false conclusion.

The explanation offered is that English and Afrikaans classes were driven in two different buses and that the Afrikaans classes are comprised mostly of white kids while English ones see a majority of black children.

The statement read, "When a school outing occurs, what you see in the classroom is what you will see on the outing. Not a division based on race - but a division legitimately based on the language preference of the class."

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Lesufi has warned that decisive action will be taken against the school if racial segregation is evident.

Earlier this year it was revealed that children at the school were placed in separate classrooms according to race, but the school said it was based on the language preferences of the children.

Last month, the GDE said it was reviewing the school's operating licence after finding it guilty of racially segregating pupils.

Lesufi told Cape Talk's Kieno Kammies on Thursday that the date the video was taken would be very important since it may be evidence that the school flouted his instructions.

"You'll recall that I issued a report about Curro earlier this year, so if this happened after that report I can assure you, something drastic is going to happen."