Ceasefire Project drops gang crime in Hanover Park

Since the implementation of the project, gang violence has subsided in the area.

FILE: Hanover Park community members and police have tea during a break in the search for Sasha Lee. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Some gang-related offences in Hanover Park have dropped by around a third since the implementation of the Ceasefire Project.

The initiative was rolled out in the area in 2013.

It employs outreach workers and so-called violence interrupters who are trained to deal in conflict resolution.

The City of Cape Town's J-P Smith says the initiative will now be expanded into Manenberg from September.

"They go out and counsel and engage with people where there has been a shooting incident, to try and prevent further revenge shooting and in so doing we've seen Hanover Park murder rates drop by a third."