News24 journalist claims verbal attack by Schabir Shaik

A journalist says the medical parolee threatened to headbutt him, saying ‘I will break you white boy’.

FILE: Schabir Shaik.

JOHANNESBURG - A News24 journalist claims that President Jacob Zuma's former financial advisor, Schabir Shaik, swore at him, threatened to headbutt him and said 'I will break you white boy'.

Giordano Stolley says the abuse came after he phoned Shaik to ask him if he was going back into business.

Shaik was released on medical parole in 2009 after being convicted of paying Zuma a bribe.

Stolley says the conversation started off politely until he told Shaik that the conversation was on the record.

"He kind of lost it, one third of the conversation was good and the other two thirds was all kinds of abuse."

Earlier this year, the Correctional Services Department confirmed that they received a request from Shaik to have his medical parole converted to normal parole, which allows for more flexible terms.

The department said that while it had received a request for a conversion of his parole, there was currently no legal framework regulating this.

Departmental spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said authorities would now have to deliberate on the matter before making a recommendation to the Medical Parole Advisory Board.


Since receiving medical parole in 2009, there have been several reports on Shaik's alleged contravention of his release conditions.

In 2011, the fraud convict allegedly assaulted a journalist on a golf course in Durban.

Sunday Tribune journalist Amanda Khoza and freelance photographer Charmel Bowman were tipped-off that Shaik was possibly contravening his parole conditions by playing golf at the Papwa Sewgowlum in Durban. He then allegedly grabbed Khoza around the neck and slapped her face.

In that same year, the former businessman allegedly assaulted a man outside a mosque in Durban.

In 2013, Shaik also allegedly attacked a caddie on the same Durban golf course.