Marli van Breda back at school

The teen survived an axe attack in which her parents and one of her brothers were killed.

Marli van Breda. Picture: Instagram/marli_vanbreda

CAPE TOWN - A teenage girl who survived an axe attack in Stellenbosch is back at school.

Marli Van Breda was left seriously injured in the attack at her family's home early this year.

Martin, his wife Teresa and their eldest child, Rudi, were found axed to death in their home on the De Zalze Golf Estate.

Her other brother Henri also survived the incident.

Family spokesperson Ben Rootman says the teen's progress is still being carefully monitored by her medical team.

"Marli is back at school and the family is very, very grateful for it. For a young woman that has been through such traumatic experiences, it's amazing to see her coming back to life."

At the same time, police have not made any arrests.

Western Cape police spokesperson Andre Traut confirmed last month that computer equipment was stolen from the Stellenbosch SVC unit, but it remains unclear if any of the De Zalze murder dockets and files went missing.

The unit is investigating the case.

Eyewitness News understands a senior investigating officer's laptop was stolen, which may contain crucial evidence in the De Zalze case.

While police said no arrests were made regarding the security breach, Eyewitness News understands four men may have been responsible for it.