Miners await ruling over release of Marikana report

Wounded & arrested miners launched an urgent court bid compelling the president to release the report.

More people enter the North Gauteng High Court saying the “Judge must see how serious this is”, during the urgent application into the release of the Marikana report on 08 June 2015. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

PRETORIA - The Marikana miners now wait judgment in their urgent court application to compel President Jacob Zuma to release the Farlam Commission of Inquiry's report into the shootings on the platinum belt in 2012.

Arguments were heard at the High Court in Pretoria on Monday, but the judge is yet to indicate when he will hand down his ruling.

The wounded and arrested miners want Zuma to release the findings from the commission before his deadline on 30 June.

Advocate Dali Mpofu, who is representing the miners, said the president has treated them unfairly by not responding directly to their request to release the report immediately.

Only recently did Zuma commit to releasing the final findings by the end of this month, when responding to questions in Parliament.

Mpofu said it's unreasonable for Zuma to have taken so long to consider the report, as those affected by the 2012 shooting are still seeking closure.

Zuma's legal team said he will have to answer difficult questions once the report is made public in exactly three weeks' time, and he therefore needs time not only to go through the report, but also to understand and study it.