Pressure on Zuma as Marikana report hits the courts

An application is being heard in the High Court for the urgent release of the Marikana report.

FILE: The North Gauteng High Court during the urgent application into the release of the Marikana report on 08 June 2015. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG- Legal counsel for the Presidency says the Marikana report will be released by 30 June at the latest.

However, mineworkers wounded or arrested during a violent 2012 strike at a North West platinum mine have demanded the findings from the probe into the mass shooting be released immediately.

Their urgent application is being heard at the North Gauteng High Court.

#Marikana More miners filling the court. now impossible to get in or out. GN

#Marikana So many people inside the court room now that several people are sitting on the floor. "Judge must see how serious this is" GN

#Marikana A show of force at the urgent application hearing. GN

The judge has asked whether the promotion of Access to Information Act should be considered in this case.

But Advocate Dali Mopu, who is representing the miners, says this is about urgency and has gone into detail about the rule of law and the right to dignity.

#Marikana Mpofu: where a commission deals with matters involving dignity & suffering it's irrational to withhold the findings. GN

The Presidency's legal counsel has argued that this matter should go to the Constitutional Court because the high court does not have jurisdiction over it.

#Marikana Presidency's legal team is arguing that this matter should go to Constitutional Court, High court doesn't have jurisdiction. GN

It's also been emphasised that when and if the matter is finalised, the report may have already been released, because President Jacob Zuma has committed to making the report public by the end of this month.

It's reported that in Zuma's answering affidavit, he insisted the matter was not urgent.

After a long struggle in trying to determine the details of the commission of inquiry's report, the miners took the president to court, to compel him to release the report immediately.

Zuma previously indicated that he has been applying his mind to the serious recommendations contained in the report and recently committed to making it public by 30 June.

#Marikana Judge asks if Zuma's response that he is applying his mind to report is irrational. Mpofu says yes. GN

#Marikana Mpofu: the time it is taking Zuma to go through report is irrational, he says he's too busy. GN

There are, however, concerns about why it wasn't made public from the moment it was handed to the president.

The miners has also said Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa must be charged with the murders of those who died at the hands of police after he called for concomitant action.