Philippi protest damages estimated at R18 million

Residents began demonstrating on Wednesday for service delivery.

Officers clearing the road of the stones that were thrown by protestors. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town has estimated that it will cost at least R18 million to repair damage caused during protests in Philippi East this week.

Service delivery protests in the Marikana informal settlement intensified when residents began demonstrating on Wednesday.

The city's JP Smith says lower cross roads residents retaliated when Marikana protestors antagonised them.

"Lots of damage to the road side, numerous traffic lights smashed up, of course the vehicles at the solid waste depo."

A ward councilor's home was among the properties set alight.

Smith said ten arrests have been made, the suspects remain in detention.

The conflict also resulted in public infrastructure being damaged.

At least two houses were gutted, around 30 shacks torched and several other properties very badly damaged.

Cape Town officials have confirmed at least two people were killed.

Smith said what started as a service delivery protest has now turned into a war between residents of the Marikana informal settlement and Lower Cross Roads.

He said this is one of the most violent protests the city has seen with shots being fired as residents and law enforcement officials.