‘Hani’s widow has still not accepted Derby-Lewis’s apology’

Derby-Lewis's lawyer says his invitation to visit Hani's family so he can apologise still stands.

FILE: Clive Derby-Lewis during his amnesty hearing for his part in the murder of Chris Hani. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Clive Derby-Lewis's lawyer says although his client has now been granted medical parole, his invitation to visit Chris Hani's family so he can apologise, still stands.

The High Court in Pretoria on Friday granted the 79-year-old medical parole after five previous attempts failed.

Derby-Lewis suffers from terminal cancer.

He was handed a life sentence for supplying the firearm that was used to kill the South African Communist Party leader, in 1993.

Justice Minister Michael Masutha found that Derby-Lewis showed no remorse for his role in Hani's murder but Judge Selby Baqwa disagreed when he made his ruling.

Derby-Lewis's lawyer Julian Knight says Hani's widow, Limpho, has still not accepted the apology.

"There has been no response from their and side and the invitations to her have been over a long period of time. I don't think there's going to be any prospect of the two of them meeting one another. The invitation still stands, both from him and from his co-accused."