Fana Mokoena: I was arrested and assaulted

Mokoena & 18 EFF members were arrested & detained by King Dalindyebo Municipality law enforcement on Friday.

FILE: EFF MP Fana Mokoena (R) Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member Fana Mokoena says he will press charges against the King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality's law enforcement in Mthatha after he was arrested and detained for the night.

Mokoena and 18 other EFF members were arrested on Friday when he tried to stop the municipality from contravening a standing court order which bars the demolition of houses in an informal settlement.

The police have confirmed that while the group spent the night in jail, no formal charges were laid on their part.

Mokoena says once he was detained and arrested, the municipal law enforcement could not find any charges against him when police and the local prosecutor distanced themselves from the arrest.

"I was arrested and I was assaulted as well by members of the municipality law enforcement. The distinction must be made."

He says despite this, he spent Friday night in prison and was only let out on Saturday at 12pm.

Mokoena is adamant there were political forces at play.

"This is a political thing by the municipality, which is controlled by the African National Congress, clearly. We will be laying a civil case against them."

The municipality law enforcement have not yet been reached for comment.