MSF commemorates Africa Day by launching video campaign

MSF says the campaign forms part of its solidarity to highlight reasons why people fled their homes.

FILE: A lunch queue snakes from a tent at a temporary camp for foreign nationals displaced by xenophobic violence in Isipingo, Durban. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has commemorated Africa Day with a series of videos depicting stories of displaced foreigners following last month's xenophobic attacks.

The organisation says the series forms part of its solidarity for survival campaign to highlight reasons why people fled their homes.

Part of the organisation's campaign involves Burundian refugee nurse, Alvira Modesiro, who continues to live at the displacement camp in Durban.

Modesiro says she came to South Africa in 2004 during her country's civil war.

"I started to be a nurse because my father was killed in Burundi and when he was shot, he called for help and no one was there. We didn't know basic care that we could have done to save him."

The MSF's Kate Ribet says the series has received an overwhelming response.

"By showing vulnerability in these people, south Africans can recognise this in themselves."

The Chatsworth camp is still home to about 520 foreign nationals, mostly refugees and asylum seekers.