E-tolls: Invalid licence discs won’t impact insurance claims

Some insurers say an invalid licence disc won't affect motorists wanting to claim after an accident.

FILE. An e-toll sign on the N1 in Johannesburg. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - While public consultations still need to take place regarding changes to the e-tolling system, some insurers say a valid licence disc is not necessary in order to claim.

Last week Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that e-tolls would be made cheaper.

He said the cap on monthly payments would be reduced and that it would be impossible to renew a licence disc without paying e-toll bills.

Auto & General's Thomas Creamer says this won't affect motorists wanting to claim after an accident.

"We see it much the same as if you haven't paid a traffic fine. E-tolls would be exactly the same kind of sphere; it's not material from a roadworthiness perspective of a vehicle. So whether that licence disc is up to date or not, it wouldn't impact the payment of a claim."


There's a reduced tariff for all motorists, regardless of whether you have an e-tag or not.

The new amounts per kilometre are:

• Motorbikes: 18c/km (down from 35c/km)

• Light vehicles: 30c/km (down from 58c/km)

• Medium heavy vehicles: 75c/km (down from R1.45/km)

• Large heavy vehicles: 150c/km (down from R2.90/km)

There are also lower maximum monthly caps for all types of vehicles:

• Motorbikes: R125 (down from R280)

• Light vehicles: R225 (down from R450)

• Medium heavy vehicles: R875 (down from R1,750)

• Large heavy vehicles: R2,900 (down from R3,500)

If a motorist is an infrequent user and goes under fewer than 30 gantries a year, there will be no charge.

Public transport vehicles (buses and taxis) that have valid permits will remain exempted.

Motorists no longer need to purchase e-tags in order to benefit from the lower tariffs. Everyone gets the same deal regardless of whether they have an e-tag or not.

All motorists will get a 60% discount if outstanding e-toll bills are settled within the next six months.

E-toll accounts will now be payable online or at post offices, provincial licensing offices, some retailers and vehicle dealerships.


E-tolls are NOT being scrapped and there will be NO payment amnesty.

The deal is NOT backdated so if you owe any money, you still have to pay (but you will get a 60% discount if you do in the next six months).

E-toll payments will now be linked to vehicle licensing so if you haven't paid your e-tolls, you won't be able to renew your car license (and that has all sorts of other knock-on effects).

The changes will be introduced in stages - so not all of the good news is going to happen at once.