Mitchells Plain children hit by substance abuse and neglect

Awareness around child protection issues has been highlighted on International Missing Children’s Day.

FILE: A missing person's flyer sits on a car dashboard in a resident's car in Hanover Park. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

MITCHELL'S PLAIN - Some Mitchell's Plain residents say some of the biggest problems affecting children in their community are substance abuse and neglect.

Today is International Missing Children's day.

The provincial Social Development Department has taken to the streets of Beacon Valley, to raise awareness around child protection issues.

Western Cape Social Development MEC, Albert Fritz, along with social workers and NGOs has gone door-to-door in Beacon Valley, handing out pamphlets to parents.

They're also advising residents on the steps they can take if they want to report crimes perpetrated against children.

Beacon valley resident Evelynn Vaaltyn says child neglect is one of the biggest obstacles in their area.

She has welcomed social development's attempt to try to highlight the plight of children in the community.

Meanwhile, the search for a missing Cape Town girl continues.

Six-year-old Sasha-Lee November went missing early this month.

She was last seen playing near her Hanover Park home.

The Hanover Park Civic Association's Igshaan Nazier said, "We've come to a point where we're running around like chickens without heads. So we decided that we will stop the search during the day, it's been going on now for eight days, until we've found further clues."

Her mother said the family was distraught and praying they would find her alive and well.

Sandra November said she initially thought her daughter slept over at her neighbour's house.

But a day after her disappearance, when she went to the neighbour's house, they told her that the child had not spent the night there.

She immediately went to the police station to report her daughter missing.

She said she has not been able to sleep or eat since her daughter's disappearance.