Fatima Patel murder: Confusion over gunshot residue

Rameez Patel is accused murdering his wife Fatima last year, but he has pleaded not guilty.

A Limpopo businessman, Rameez Patel, who is accused of murdering his wife Fatima Patel. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - There has been confusion over gunshot residue in the bail application of Rameez Patel in the Polokwane Magistrates Court.

He is accused murdering his wife Fatima last month, but he has pleaded not guilty.

Warrant Officer Thupetsi Mogoai, a member of the police forensic unit in Polokwane, initially testified that his hands tested positive for gunshot residue.

However this was rejected by his attorney Tumi Mokwena who demanded to see the results and consult his client.

During cross-examination Mogoai testified that [Fatima] Patel's hands, in fact, tested positive for gunshot residue and not her husband's.

This was due to Prosecutor Mark van Drunick and Mogoai misreading serial numbers of the forensic samples of the gun residue.

The case has been postponed to tomorrow as the defence continues its argument as to why [Rameez] should be released on bail.