Streets deserted after Manenberg lockdown

Police assisted by the military and metro police raided homes in the neighbourhood this morning.

Police and soldiers descended in Manenberg during their Operation Fiela to search for illegal goods, weapons and drugs on 21 May 2015. Picture:@SAPoliceService

CAPE TOWN - The situation in Manenberg remains tense following an anti-crime operation in the area.

Police assisted by the military and metro police raided homes in the neighbourhood on Thursday morning.

Officials searched for guns and drugs as part of Operation Fiela.

Some residents say there may be a lull in gang violence following this morning's operation, but they are doubtful it will last.

The streets are deserted as children have resorted to playing inside their homes. Locals don't want to talk about the events of this morning, fearing they will be targetted.

Police are still patrolling the area.

Fourteen people have been arrested on charges relating to the possession of drugs and firearms.

Police confiscated three firearms and nabbed several members affiliated to two of Manenberg's most prominent gangs, The Hard Livings and The Dixie Boys.

Police spokesperson Jeremy Veary says the guns were hidden in shack roofs and in radios.

"Eight were arrested for drugs, seven for outstanding warrants and another for possession. There were a further five arrests for illegal firearms."

Tik and mandrax were also seized in this morning's raids.

Veary says other areas plagued by crime will also see further lockdown operations in coming weeks.

The Manenberg Safety Forum is meanwhile hoping to broker a peace deal between rival gangs, saying it wants Muslim residents to celebrate the month of Ramadan in peace.