Pick n Pay apologises for 'halaal pork' labelling blunder

The supermarket chain says an incorrect label was used which indicated the meal contained 49 percent pork.

Pick n Pay's incorrect food labelling shows an item marked as halaal but contains pork. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Pick n Pay said a food product at its Ottery branch in Cape Town was correctly certified as halaal by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) , but simply had the wrong label which caused an outrage.

At the weekend, a number of people took to social media sharing a picture of a packet of russians and chips certified halaal by the MJC, but contained 49 percent pork - meat which is forbidden in Islam.

The supermarket chain said an incorrect label was used, indicating that the food contained 49 percent pork.

Pick n Pay said the packet of russians and chips did not contain pork.

Spokesperson Jennifer Crocker said it takes matters related to its food products very seriously.

She says the incorrect label has been removed from the printer to prevent this from happening again.