WCED to try & mitigate impact of gang violence in schools

Areas including Manenberg, Hanover Park and Mitchells Plin have been riddled by deadly gang activity.

FILE: A grade seven class at Sonderend Primary School say they're relieved that the shootings have stopped in Manenberg. Picture: Shamiela Fisher/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Education Department says it's working with authorities to try and mitigate the impact gang violence is having on schooling in some Cape Town suburbs.

Sporadic gang shootings in Manenberg since last week have left at least four people dead.

The department has committed to working with relevant groups to minimise the impact of gang violence at schools.

Areas including Manenberg, Hanover Park and Mitchells Plain have been riddled by deadly gang activity over the last few weeks.

Over the past five days in Manenberg alone, 18 people have been either wounded or killed during gang crossfire.

The Manenberg Community Safety Forum says 16 of these victims are innocent resident, while only two are affiliated to gangs.

The Education Department's Jessica Shelver says the violence has not yet had a major effect on schooling in the area.

"Unfortunately in communities where gangsterism is prevalent, it can sometimes spill into our schools. The WCED does all it can to protect our learners and our schools but ultimately the responsibility lies with the South African Police Service to ensure the safety of our learners by preventing gangsterism in these areas.