First on EWN: Metro cop allegedly drugged & raped girl

The officer allegedly lured his teenage neighbour to his home last week where he attacked her.

A mother says she feels as if she was stabbed in the heart after learning that her daughter was allegedly drugged and raped by their Metro cop neighbour.

JOHANNESBURG - A Soweto mother has spoken out about how her 16-year-old daughter was drugged and raped, allegedly by a Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officer in Braamfischerville.

The woman, who is not being named to protect her daughter's identity, has told Eyewitness News the officer allegedly lured the teenager to his home last week Thursday and attacked her.

WATCH: A Soweto mother claims her 16-year-old daughter was raped by a Metro police officer who lives next door.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) said the officer made his first court appearance on Monday and will apply for bail next week.

The teenager's mother claims the officer spiked her daughter's drink before allegedly raping her in his bathroom as she drifted in out of consciousness.

"He undressed her and then that is when she could feel, 'no man, this person is on top of me'."

The mother said her family trusted the officer who has been their next door neighbour for over two years.

"We did trust him. At least in the community if it's an officer, if you scream, they will help."

The teenager's mother said the girl is not coping at school after her ordeal and she now fears the girl will struggle with her studies.

She is currently staying with relatives.

The teenager's mother told EWN that the officer's family attempted to bribe her in exchange for her silence.

She said the officer's family contacted her, allegedly saying they wanted to reach an agreement regarding the matter.

"The mother and the uncle also phoned, saying that we must sit down as people and negotiate."

The mother claims the family told her they wanted to protect the officer's reputation.

"They are saying that they are thinking about their son's future. What about my daughter's future?"

She said all she wants is justice for her daughter.

The JMPD said they will respond to the allegations on Tuesday.