Salma Hayek has answers to film industry's technology fears

Salma Hayek says she knows the way to solve the film industry’s fears about new technology.

US actress Salma Hayek. Picture: Facebook.

NEW YORK - US actress Salma Hayek believes she knows the way to solve the film industry's fears about new technology and dwindling box office sales.

The actress took part in a UN women panel on gender equality in the movie business at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday.

Hayek says women need to show men they can bring in the money.

"Look at us, 80 percent of things being done have been decided by a woman."

She believes men need to see women's economic potential at the movies.

The actress was joined by fellow actresses' Aishwarya Rai and Parker Posey, who both star in films at the festival this year.