Ketani trial: Accused being framed is a 'conspiracy theory'

The alleged author of a confession letter is spending his eighth day on the witness stand.

Betty Ketani

JOHANNESBURG - Prosecutors in the so-called 'cold case' have described claims that the accused are being framed for murder as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Carrington Laughton, the alleged author of a confession at the heart of the Betty Ketani trial, is spending his eighth day on the witness stand.

He and his co-accused have denied kidnapping and killing Ketani in mid-1999 and claim they are being framed by her former boss and restaurant owner, Eric Neeteson-Lemkes.

Laughton has told the court that his defence team plans to call a witness who will testify that he received a warning about this plot in 2002.

Laughton's version is that he heard the cryptic warning from this witness, who heard it from a friend, who in turn had discussed it with another friend.

He claims all those years ago it made no sense, but after the discovery of the confession under the carpet it became crucial.

Prosecutor Herman Broodryk questioned Laughton on why this information only came out last year and was not put to some key state witnesses.

He says he can't wait to cross examine the defence's new witness.