Soweto residents take the fight to Eskom

Residents will march to the local Eskom office over recent power cuts and the introduction of prepaid meters.

FILE: Khumalo Street was strewn with debris after scores of angry protesters took to the streets in Orlando West, in Soweto to protest against Eskom's pre-paid meters. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Soweto residents are expected to march to the Eskom's offices in their area this morning over the recent power cuts and the introduction of prepaid meters.

Residents were up in arms when they were left without electricity for hours after scheduled load shedding.

They say the utility failed to explain why their electricity had been cut for longer than the scheduled load shedding period.

The African National Congress's Jolidee Mathango residents were also not properly consulted about prepaid meters.

"People are saying there is not explanation how these things work, load R200, it lasts you only two days. There is no access to the vending machine of Eskom in our areas, so there are quite a number of issues. The main issue is not about load shedding or power cuts."