Malema: Cyril Ramaphosa is behind Marikana killings

He says Ramaphosa is a ‘murderer’, who instructed many people below him to go ahead with the shooting.

EFF leader Julius Malema addressing miners outside the Constitutional Court on 14 May 2015. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema on Thursday said if the Marikana Commission didn't find Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa ultimately responsible for the shootings almost three years ago it would pursue private prosecution.

Malema was addressing miners outside the Constitutional Court, where a Legal Aid case in relation to the commission of inquiry was heard.

He said the EFF has kept the Marikana issue alive, even by being there to support the workers in the Legal Aid case.

But his message was aimed at the Presidency to release the report, saying the EFF was expecting one outcome, calling Ramaphosa a 'murderer', who instructed many people below him to go ahead with the shooting.

"We don't expect anything from Judge Farlam, except to say that Cryril Ramaphosa is responsible for the murder of those workers."

#LegalAid #Marikana Dali Mpofu with Julius Malema outside Con Court explaining the case to the miners. GN

Malema said the final report from the commission had to be released in order to bring closure to those who had suffered.

At the same time, Malema said the Presidency should release the Marikana report before the three-year commemoration on 16 August.

Malema said the Commission of Inquiry had completed its work, and it was now up to President Jacob Zuma to release that report as soon as possible.