Police confirm seven dead in Philly train derailment

Investigators are now scouring the scene of last night’s accident trying to find clues to the cause.

Investigators and first responders work near the wreckage of Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188, from Washington to New York, that derailed yesterday 13 May, 2015 in north Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Picture: AFP.

NEW YORK - Philadelphia police have confirmed a seventh person has died from injuries sustained during last night's train derailment.

More than 200 others were injured when the Amtrak train left the tracks en route to New York.

Investigators are now scouring the scene of last night's accident where they will look at a number of factors including the track, train signals, and mechanical condition of the locomotive to try determine the cause.

A black box recorder on the train has been recovered and is being examined.

Emergency services personnel have confirmed that hospitals have treated more than 200 people, half of whom have since been discharged.

Authorities have also not ruled out the possibility of more victims being found at the crash site.

Television footage broadcast on MSNBC showed dozens of emergency workers scrambling over and around the wreckage with flashlights in the dark.

Photos from the scene showed emergency personnel loading injured people onto stretchers and backboards.

Former Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy, who was a passenger on the train, told MSNBC that his rail car flipped over, but he escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

MSNBC reported about 240 passengers were aboard the train, citing Amtrak officials.

Amtrak said the derailed locomotive was train No. 188, headed from Washington DC to New York, but provided no other details about the accident.

The weather was fair at the time of the crash.

Port Richmond is a working-class neighbourhood that has recently become a popular place to live among younger adults in the city.

In a video posted on social media, passengers could be heard crying and others were telling victims to crawl forward.