Athlone cop shot, tense stand-off with suspect continues

Authorities are trying to diffuse a situation after a man shot a cop & barricaded himself in his home.

A policeman was shot resulting in a tense stand-off in Hazendal, Athlone on 12 May 2015. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A dramatic situation is still unfolding in Hazendal, Athlone after an armed man barricaded himself in his own home.

The tense stand-off began after a police constable was shot and wounded on Tuesday night.

Cape Town law enforcement officials along with the South African Police Service officials (Saps) were responding to a complaint from a resident who had claimed her landlord's dogs had attacked her.

The officials and the Saps were attempting to remove the dogs from the property when shots were fired by the landlord who had locked himself up in the house.

#PoliceShooting Police negotiating team is currently on scene,the man who shot the officer is armed in his home. MK

The police's Frederick van Wyk said, "When they entered the premises, the dogs were chasing them and attacking the police and the law enforcement members, shots were fired on the premises, a constable was hit."

A negotiator is currently on the scene trying to quell tensions as police are unsure if others were trapped in the house along with the armed man.