Athlone stand-off ends in suicide

It is believed that the suspect turned a gun on himself and pulled the trigger.

Paramedics and passersby gather at the scene where a police officer was shot in the face by a Hazendal man in Athlone on 13 May 2015. Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A suspect has died after shots were fired at the scene of a dramatic stand-off at a house in Hazendal, Athlone.

Michael Volkwyn shot himself twice after a stand-off with police that lasted more than 15 hours.

Cape Town law enforcement officials responded to a complaint from a resident who had claimed her landlord's dogs had attacked her.

#AthloneDrama Volkwyn's sister is heartbroken. She says all she wanted was a chance to tell him she loves him. LI

Volkwyn's sister Dianne Williams told Eyewitness News he's taken his own life.

"My brother's negotiations failed. [We asked] could we just speak over the megaphone to say we are here, we love him and they came back and said they can't do that. So I believe we've been robbed of a human right because we knew he wasn't coming out."

WATCH: Tragic ending to Athlone stand-off

The Athlone Community Policing Forum's Aziza Kannemeyer says the incident, in the usually quiet neighbourhood, is tragic.

"From 7pm last night until 10:20am [today] when it finally came to an end, I think it was extremely traumatic for the family. Some family members had to be flown in from Johannesburg and unfortunately it ended in tragedy."

The residence was surrounded by the tactical response team (TRT) after an officer was shot and wounded by the owner of the house.

After two gunshots were heard, a stretcher was seen being carried into the house.

#AthloneDrama Two loud bangs. Sounds like gunshots. Not clear who fired shots. LI

#AthloneDrama Relatives are devastated. LI

The police's TRT were brought in while negotiators tried to reason with the resident.

Policeman arrived at the scene in Hazendal, Athlone last night. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN.