First on EWN: ‘Louca cleared me of Jackson’s murder’

Krejcir says Louca made a confession to him in Cyprus admitting he had nothing to do with Jackson's murder.

FILE: Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir and his associate George Louca. Picture: Christa Eybers, Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has revealed to Eyewitness News he has two statements written by Cypriot George Louca where he denied Krejcir had anything to do with the murder of strip club boss Lolly Jackson.

Louca passed away at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital last night after a long battle with stage four lung cancer.

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Last month Louca testified in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge claiming Krejcir killed Jackson during a money dispute.

Krejcir has told EWN Louca made a confession to him in Cyprus admitting Krejcir had nothing to do with the murder of Jackson, but last month he changed his story.

"I have his confession, over the phone. In a 20-minute call he told me exactly what happened here when he ran away from South Africa; I even offered my DNA to the police so they could go to the scene."

The Czech fugitive says the evidence is clear; he wasn't even close to the murder scene.

"At the time George Louca died, I was 40 kilometres away, with my cellphone records to show."

He says Louca went behind his back and made a plea bargain with the state to ensure his freedom.

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A question mark now hangs over the Jackson murder case, with the likelihood being no one will ever be successfully prosecuted for the shooting.

Louca was the state's main accused and government spent years extraditing him from Cyprus to stand trial.

In a gasping voice, desperately ill, and breathing through an oxygen mask, Louca revealed his version of what happened the night Jackson was killed.

This revelation came just last month.

Louca insisted Krejcir pulled the trigger, and that he was merely the fall guy.

The Cypriot had fought extradition.

But Hawks investigators were adamant he was the man responsible for the murder.

In the last few months Louca and his lawyer were working with a different arm of the police, who are building a case against Krejcir.

Louca deposed to several statements on a variety of underworld related killings.

It's expected these affidavits could have been the back bone of a case against the Czech.

But with Louca dead, a central pillar of that case is now gone and it's unlikely anyone will be successfully prosecuted for Jackson's murder.