Hartbeespoort toddler: Skipper blamed for fatal accident

A man who helped rescue a family in the Hartbeespoort accident says the skipper was driving recklessly.

Police drivers on the shore of Hartbeespoort Dam conducting search for missing toddler who fell out of capsized boat on 11 May 2015. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A man who assisted in the rescue of a family in the boat accident on Hartbeespoort Dam on Sunday says the skipper was driving the boat recklessly before it capsized.

Gerrit Tromp says he was on a jet ski on the dam when the rubber duck overturned throwing a mother, her three children and the vessel's skipper into the water.

A police dog found the body of one of her children, a 23-month-old boy yesterday.

Tromp says the skipper had attempted to throw two occupants of the tube behind the boat into the water.

"The boat capsized due to the manoeuvres he was making, no other means; there was no big wake, no other boats"

He says he pulled the mother, the skipper and two of her children out of the water.

"Not even the skipper was wearing a life jacket and when I asked him why none of them were wearing life jackets, he said he didn't have any life jackets."

Tromp says he will meet with police later this week to assist in the investigation.

An inquiry is expected to establish the boy's cause of death.

WATCH: Toddler's body recovered from Hartbeespoort Dam.